Perfect Parking, Inc.

Committed to providing high quality solutions for all parking, logistics, and management services in Downtown Los Angeles and beyond.



Let us be a partner in planning your next event. We have a dedicated team for private and corporate event planning that will help take the ease out of tough parking management for your guests.
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We are experienced professionals who will be able to fine-tune systems in revenue control, quality control, garage, commercial, mix-use, and surface lot management.
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Our Arts District and Little Tokyo parking locations are available for filming and television production. We can accommodate filming and television base camp, catering, crew parking, equipment trucks, and star wagons. For pricing and locations please contact our office.

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We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise on a wide variety of location types, utilizing a variety of methods, which allows us to appropriate the best enforcement techniques to help manage your parking needs.

Perfect Parking : Who We Are

We are a mid-sized, local company with an abundance of experience, despite being the relative ‘new kid on the block’; our leaders have worked for larger corporations in the parking industry and bring with them the energy, know how, and all things that make our company great. We pride ourselves on taking care of all things parking related, allowing our clients  to attend to more important matters such as their business affairs.

Why We Are Different



Quality in our service. Our team provides the hands-on dedication of a small company without compromising the operational capability of a large-scale parking company.


Client Focused

We work alongside our clients throughout every phase of their project to ensure that as budgets and focuses change we can adapt to deliver a service program that will be functional, efficient, and cost effective.



Management and executive staff comprised of hand-picked professionals with over 30 years of experience in the parking industry.



Our parking operations are designed with safety as a top priority for all of our garage and surface lot locations.